Plus Size Lingerie: A Fat Femme Shopping Guide

Being fat or plus sized, it can be hard to find clothes that fit your body, let alone sexy lingerie to make you feel beautiful and desired.

I got really into lingerie in 2016 when a vintage lingerie shop opened up in a neighborhood near mine. I was a couple of years out of college and had gained a ton of weight that I had lost back. I was also embarking on a new relationship, and was desperate to feel sexy again. This lingerie shop had beautiful, lacy, and silky babydoll dresses and body suits. I would take dates there and spend money I didn’t have on one-of-a-kind items.

Now, my lingerie shopping has moved online, and as a size 20, I’m slightly outside the range for most vintage, small-batch lingerie shops. But there are a few that make pieces that are either in larger ranges or custom pieces that

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Shopping and Craft in Millersburg, Ohio

Driving into Millersburg, visitors are greeted by laundry waving from clotheslines like streamers. The Amish, after all, don’t use electricity — not even to dry their petticoats.

Millersburg, halfway between Cleveland and Columbus, is the seat of Holmes County — home to one of the largest Amish populations in the world. It’s a real-deal agrarian fantasia: hitching posts tether horses in parking lots; green velvet hills rise from the horizon; and the pie is very, very good. (Stop by Hershberger’s Farm & Bakery for that.)

Kitchenware selections at Cottonwood Shanty.
Courtesy of Cottonwood Shanty

The beauty of the area has created a sort of boomerang effect — folks often move to larger cities, but can’t stay away for long. Many, like Alyssa Eliot, run stores on downtown’s West Jackson Street that peddle more than baked goods and tea cozies. Eliot grew up in nearby Sugar Creek, moved to Pittsburgh for

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Community supports back-to-school shopping spree for kids in need in Elk Grove

The Elk Grove community held a special back-to-school shopping spree for kids in need on Saturday. One hundred students and volunteer chaperones took part to make sure kids don’t go without when they return to the classroom. “I think it’s really great that they did that for us,” said 10-year-old Zoey Jimenez, who added that the shopping spree will help her start fifth grade with confidence. “I got a lot of shirts and dresses, shorts and jeans.”Students from the Elk Grove Unified School District were each given $175 by the Optimist Club to buy anything they needed for school. Many chose the basics over high fashion. “A lot of these kids probably wouldn’t have new clothes they would have hand-me-downs or whatever and so now they are going to school with new clothes, and they can feel proud,” said John Shook, president of the Optimist Club. Young shoppers also got …

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The Unpredictable Consumer Strikes Again

This summer, American parents are expected to spend $34.4 billion, or about $661 per child, on back-to-school shopping, according to a Deloitte survey. A big portion is going toward fashion: apparel sales are predicted to jump by 18 percent from the same period in 2021. It’s a 180-degree turn from last year, when parents splurged on laptops and other technology, while clothing spending remains roughly flat. In 2022, their kids may not need another new tablet, but they’ve outgrown last year’s shirts, shorts and sneakers.

The unusually unpredictable back-to-school shopping season is just the latest example of how the pandemic has radically changed what people want to buy, and when. Last year, consumers abruptly dropped their sweatpants obsession for going-out clothes and work-from-home wardrobes. Now they’re splurging on travel, luxury goods and children’s clothing.

Retailers are still catching up — and bracing for more surprises this fall.

Inflation is

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Report: Philadelphia Phillies Shopping for Playoff Caliber Starter, Tyler Mahle and Noah Syndergaard Trade Deadline

According to the great Jayson Stark of The AthleticThe Philadelphia Phillies are placing more emphasis on their pursuit of a playoff-caliber starter.

Tyler Mahle and Noah Syndergaard are explicitly mentioned within the context of Stark’s tweet, but there is reason to believe the Phillies could also look at arms like the Marlins’ Pablo Lopez, Giants’ Carlos Rodon, Red Sox’ Nathan Eovaldi, and more of the potential frontline arms prior to the August 2 deadline.

Any of the aforementioned arms would be a big get for the Phillies, shoring up their rotation for what looks to be a playoff push. Plus, in Tyler Mahle’s case, they would be able to reunite him with his former assistant pitching coach from Cincinnati in Caleb Cotham.

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Stark also went on to detail what has become a relatively public stance for the Phillies of late: they’re not looking to move their

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