Plus Size Lingerie: A Fat Femme Shopping Guide

Being fat or plus sized, it can be hard to find clothes that fit your body, let alone sexy lingerie to make you feel beautiful and desired.

I got really into lingerie in 2016 when a vintage lingerie shop opened up in a neighborhood near mine. I was a couple of years out of college and had gained a ton of weight that I had lost back. I was also embarking on a new relationship, and was desperate to feel sexy again. This lingerie shop had beautiful, lacy, and silky babydoll dresses and body suits. I would take dates there and spend money I didn’t have on one-of-a-kind items.

Now, my lingerie shopping has moved online, and as a size 20, I’m slightly outside the range for most vintage, small-batch lingerie shops. But there are a few that make pieces that are either in larger ranges or custom pieces that can be made to your exact measurements.

Finding lingerie that fits your body might seem like its not a big deal, but I firmly believe that everyone deserves to feel good in their bodies, and if feeling good means putting on a velvet teddy, then you should have that option available to you.

Here are a few places to find lingerie for plus-sized femmes, whether you’re looking for classic black or colorful pieces.

Classic Black Pieces

I wanted to have classic black pieces because they are a staple like a good blazer or a little black dress. The idea that black is slimming doesn’t factor in at all here, but the fact that black is a universally flattering color definitely does. I myself have a few pieces of black lingerie and those are the ones I feel the sexiest in, and I think that’s a universal feeling for many.

Monique Morin Lingerie (Up to Size 4X)

Bully Boy Handmade Lingerie (Up to Size XXL)

JBC Lingerie (Up to Size XXXL & H Cup)

Oh La La Cherie (Up to 4X)

Pink and Red Pieces

Pink and red lingerie just screams “special occasion” to me. Whether you want to wow your partner on Valentine’s Day or you just want to take some hot Instagram pictures, these pink and red pieces will make your skin tone pop, and stand out on their own. Red is definitely sexier but pink has a bit more playfulness to it that can be incredibly attractive as well.

Love, Vera (Up to 4X)

Playful Promises (Up to 44K and 22)

Hey Mavens (Up to 10X)

Skin Tones/Nude Pieces

Nude lingerie pieces in all shades are just indescribably sexy. Look like your wearing nothing at all and show off your body in any of these nude/skin tone colored pieces. These are perfect for photoshoots or just to wear on a day when you want to boost your confidence a bit.

Love, Vera (Up to 4X)

Off the Tongue (Up to 2X With Custom Sizing)

Bully Boy Handmade Lingerie (Up to Size XXL)

Impish Lee (Up to 44J and 30 With Custom Sizing)

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