Rubber lined pipes


Rubber lined pipes help a number of industries. Especially chemical plants. Because the liquids which flow through these pipes can have extreme temperature shifts or abrasive capabilities, those lined with rubber help prevent corrosion and leakage. In turn, this keeps production moving and lowers costs.

Pipe Suppliers

There are any number of rubber lined pipe suppliers in the market. Some, like Moon Fabricating, may be near you. No matter where you decide to purchase your pipes, there are factors to take into consideration before a commitment is made.

How Long Have They Been Producing Rubber Lining

Rubber lining for pipes has been available for years. But, how long has the company you’re looking into been producing it? This is the difference between a perfected procedure and a trial and error process.

What Process do They Use?

Most companies use a high-pressure steam vulcanization process to cure the rubber and bond it to the pipe’s interior to ensure a proper seal. If the company you look at has a new process they’re trying to work out, it may be best to come back to them at a later date.

Quality Assurance

To ensure the pipe will not corrode or leak, two important quality assurance tests need to be done. First, they check the interior for any defects, such as pinholes, which can result in moisture getting through. Second, they run a hydro test through and examine the results for leaks or possible corrosion areas.

Do They Warranty Their Work?

While QA tests can ensure a rubber lined pipe is ready for production at that moment, it doesn’t guarantee it will remain that way once in use. If anything, the company should warranty the pipe against material defects or workmanship. While there may be downtime while the pipe is repaired at least you won’t need to spend extra money to replace it.

By taking heed to this advice, you’ll be able to find a supplier worthy of your business now and as you grow.


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