During Exhibition, You Can Shop Save

Visiting exhibitions is fun. Especially if the exhibition is selling goods that have been wanted to buy at “slanted” prices. Some exhibitions are indeed held to carry out massive price discounts, some to introduce their products. Starting from food, drinks, furniture, daily necessities, clothing, houses, cars, motorbikes, baby needs, and so on. However, a way is needed to save money on shopping at exhibitions.

Exhibitions can also be used as a venue for eye-washing or even shopping. Usually at exhibitions, you will spend more money than usual. This is because there is an assumption that, “The goods are being discounted! When will it be like this again?” That assumption makes you flow money outside the financial planning budget.

If you can control your expenses while at the exhibition, of course it won’t be a problem. What’s dangerous is if you can’t control it and tend to go crazy. It could be before the next payday arrives, your money is used up. For that, so that while at the exhibition you can shop but don’t make your financial condition weak, consider the following tips.

1. Determine the spending budget

Events such as exhibitions can not only be prepared in a matter of days. The committee must have prepared at least six months before the event started. The exact time for the exhibition to be held could have appeared three to six months earlier, even a year earlier. You can see the exhibition schedule on the event website.

2. Come on weekdays

Exhibitions are usually held for three days to one month, depending on the exhibition being held. At that time, you can decide to visit on weekdays. Besides being quieter, the tickets sold can be cheaper. You can also save a few thousand rupiah to pay for parking.

3. Fill your stomach first

There is an eating and drinking area at the exhibition. However, usually the price offered skyrocketed, not worth the portion served. In addition, you can cut your meal budget, which is at least around IDR 30,000 per portion. With that much money, you can allocate it to pay for parking or buy other things.

4. Bring your own drink

Apart from filling the stomach first, bringing your own drink is also recommended. Apart from the skyrocketing price, you can avoid dehydration so that your body’s health is maintained. You don’t want to come home from the exhibition, you fall sick because of lack of fluids. Health costs also need to be spent if you are sick.

5. Joint venture saving

If you pay attention, usually during exhibitions there will be buy 2 get 1 promos, or IDR 150,000 for 6 items that apply to certain items. If you buy it for yourself, of course it will be redundant. But, it won’t be redundant if you do it with friends. You can team up with friends and get low prices, but it’s not redundant.

6. Make a list of items to be purchased

Even if you already have a budget prepared, there’s nothing wrong with making a list of items to buy during the exhibition. That way, you will be calmer and more measured with the items to be purchased. The reason is, when you arrive at the exhibition, there will be lots of interesting promos that make you easily tempted.