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What I Love About Singapore


After my recent trip to Singapore, I instantly fell in love with it. Why?


And so I thought of listing down some of things what I love about Singapore.

1. Convenient Transport System

They have MRT, Taxi and buses that go almost anywhere. And the fare is very cheap. =D

2. Safe environment
Yes, it’s practically a cliche to talk about Singapore as “clean and safe”. Of course this doesn’t mean there’s hardly any rubbish around. But really, I must say, Singapore is a relatively clean and orderly city.

3. Shopping. Given the fact that there’s not much to see in Singapore, it’s no wonder there are so many places to shop. You can buy almost anything in Singapore, from designer clothes to fake rolexes. One of my favorite places is China Town, where one store holds the large selection air force challenge coins. And the best thing to buy in Singapore, in our opinion? Electronic goods, which usually come ready to use in any country of the world, which means dual voltage and multi-system. You won’t find that in most other places in the world.

4. Changi International Airport. Singapore like to talk about becoming “world-class” this or “best in the world” at that. The journey from the plane-to-cab is always within 15 minutes, including collecting your luggage, and with some fun sweets at customs on the way in.

Now you know why I have developed a genuine love for Singapore as a city and as a tourist destination…


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