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Psychology Class… Soon?


When I was in college, I was thinking of getting a Psychology degree. But I was influenced to take Communication Arts. But if I have another chance to go back to school, I am definitely interested in taking Psychology.

I only realized that I’m into Psychology when my friend told me about about Dr. Toni Mantini-Atkinson. Dr Atkinson is a Registered Clinical Psychologist practicing in the area of educational, developmental, and cognitive assessment in individuals from infancy to young adulthood.

She is fantastic in her understanding of Psychological Assessments and Academic Testing. The work of [atkinson dr toni] is synonymous with excellence in this field.

According to this doctor, people may seek a psychological assessment for many reasons; learning, behaviour, injury, health, emotional problems or development concerns to name just a few. Psychological assessment is a formal procedure undertaken individually between a psychologist and a child (or any person).

A psycho-educational or educational assessment is simply one kind of psychological assessment. For example, an educational assessment investigates learning potential and academic skill development. A psychological assessment of any kind must be completed by a licensed psychologist or psychological associate who is registered with the College of Psychologists in their province.

In simple terms, during an educational assessment a psychologist must determine a person’s abilities and then see if their academic achievement is at a comparable level. It is common sense to predict that a person with an average intelligence will complete math, spelling, reading, writing and other academic tasks within the average range. A psychologist will find out whether a client’s academic performance is equal to their intelligence using testing, clinical observation and statistical analysis.

What I love about her work, is that she can determine or if me, or my child, need an educational assessment. I love to talk about this topic, but I may bore you.

Anyways, my research in this area makes me realize what I really love. I want to be a psychologist. And hopefully, I will have the time to go back to school and pursue my dreams. If you believe I can, Tweet this or share this post on FB.


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