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Types and Uses of Wall Mount Brackets


I was checking some living room designs in one of my cousin’s magazine when I saw a feature about mounting brackets. It gives me an idea how to maximize our living room space. Having a mounting bracket for our LCD is one of the solution!

So I went to the mall to check the best mounting brackets for our tv, but to my surprise, there are many selection of LCD TV wall mounts available today!

There are different types of mounting brackets depending upon their use and application. There are three main types of mount brackets available in market these days to mount LCD TVs, Plasma TVs and Larger display screens. They are:

1. Flat wall mount – Essentially the most primary and affordable wall mount accessible for flat display LCD TVs. The flat wall mount is an effective option to put up the TV screen in dwelling rooms with a simple seating association in entrance of the TV set.

2. Tilt wall mount – The lean mount is finest to be used where you want to watch the TV in a reclining position. Most LCD flat screen TVs put in on bed room partitions or over fireplaces should be put up with a tilt mount. This association can even serve to attenuate light from home windows reflecting on the display screen and causing poor image quality.

3. Tilt and swivel wall mount – This flexible wall mount is best fitted to rooms with a semi circular seating arrangement. The angle offers ample viewing opportunity from totally different spots. The lean and swivel mount is mostly used in kitchens or in eating halls the place maximum people can watch the TV at a time.

4. Articulating wall mount – Essentially the most versatile of all TV wall mounts, the articulating wall mount permits the TV display screen to be considered at almost proper angles to the wall. A combination of levers makes it possible to provide the widest selection of flexibility for viewing the TV screen from any spot in the room.

Choosing a bracket for your LCD or Plasma TV is a crucial task. Because you need to match the perfect bracket specially designed and made for your brand and model. Any other bracket that is made for some other brand or model will not suit with your LCD or Plasma TV. You will need to select a mount bracket that is appropriate for your desired display position. You can easily get one matching to your needs from the stores dealing in mount brackets for LCD and Plasma TVs.

While buying TV brackets, you need to keep this fact in your mind that, they are going to hold your precious LCD or Plasma TV. Therefore, going behind a cheap mount bracket is not a good idea. Its betters, if you go for a trusted brand and dealer with maximum guarantee of your precious electronic devices.


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