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Now, my husband and I are jobless and honestly, our pay doing online tasks are not enough. So we are thinking of having a business.

Since we love photography, we’re trying to set up a photobooth business or we will offer pictorial services like for prenup, wedding, birthday etc. I’m currently looking for a photobooth application then I need to buy a new printer. While I’m busy researching on how to start a photobooth business, my husband talked to his friends who works in an insurance company. He works at home offering some rv insurance quote to his friends online. It’s a pretty easy job and my husband thinks he can do it too. So both of us have source of income.

Then, we want to get a franchise of KSA Magic. We can get a kiosk in one of the malls or we can have a small store here in our condo. Woooh! We have so many plans and hopefully we’ll be successful.


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  1. Jackie says:

    Wow! And dami gusto mag business pero hirap pumili kung ano open na business. Ako personally mahirap ung photobooth. Sa photography na lang kayo. Miss you. Good luck!

  2. Iris Aeirin says:

    Hi Jackie,

    both n daw. photography and photobooth. nagstart na kami sa photobooth… =)


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