WoW Texas Holdem


There is a common thread among many games that are played online. The idea of using strategy to defeat opponents from all over the globe is an appealing one. That’s why most of my friends play online blackjack; it’s an easy game to learn and play, but you can also apply more complex strategies to improve your odds. It’s this allure that brings people to online poker, and the ability to step into a new world and face new challenges is also the allure of role playing games like World of Warcraft. Many skilled WoW players are also poker players, which is what makes the new mod forked from Anzac Hold’em such a treat for World of Warcraft fans.

WoW Texas Hold’em

This new add-on, known as WoW Texas hold’em, allows players to introduce virtual Texas hold’em poker into their World of Warcraft universe. With realistic animations and a quality randomizing engine, this mod seamlessly combines the world of online Texas hold’em and World of Warcraft. Facing some downtime between quests? Fire up a game of Texas hold’em. Tired of members of your party challenging your superiority, but don’t want to run them through with a broadsword? Get out the virtual poker cards.

How to Play WoW Texas Hold’em

WoW Texas hold’em is a standard World of Warcraft add-on, so all you have to do is download the mod and add it like you would any other World of Warcraft add-on. Once it’s installed you can play Texas hold’em as part of your World of Warcraft game with anyone else who has the add-on. You will play for chips, although you can use the chips to stand in for Warcraft gold or even real money. It should be noted though, that neither the creators of the add-on nor the World of Warcraft management recommend this, as World of Warcraft is an RPG, not an online gambling or online poker site.

Benefits of WoW Texas Hold’em

World of Warcraft Texas hold’em adds an extra dimension of fun and excitement to your World of Warcraft universe. Poker and other games of chance are a common element of role playing fantasy, and with WoW Texas hold’em, that element is part of your game as well. The add-on also provides a great opportunity to brush up on your poker skills.


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