Sky Sailing: An Airplane Carried Me To Bed


Adam Young to release first collection of songs with Sky Sailing debut album

“Before there was Owl City, there was Sky Sailing. These recordings are a step into the past, the documented account of a shy boy from Minnesota with more hopes and dreams than he knew what to do with. I am so very excited to share it with you.” – Adam Young

Adam Young was a mere teenager in Owatonna, Minnesota when he wrote and recorded his first collection of songs under the moniker Sky Sailing. The album An Airplane Carried Me To Bed offers 11 songs that trace back the genesis of Adam Young as a songwriter and showcase a simple innocence through their sound and openhearted lyrics.

Fan’s got their first peek into the world of Sky Sailing a few weeks ago when Adam quietly posted demo versions of two songs that are on the album, “Brielle” and “I Live Alone,” on MySpace. Written and recorded nearly three years ago, the songs that Adam Young did as Sky Sailing reflect the wonder and excitement of an artist when they’re going through the process of discovery and everything is new to them.

During this time Adam would work the early shift as a metal worker and spend the night hours escaping through his dreams and music. With an acoustic guitar and some basic computer and recording equipment, he took himself on a fast and furious journey crafting and honing his skills as a musician and an artist.

Since Adam wrote these Sky Sailing songs he has been on a tremendous life journey. His swift rise from the unknown into chart topping success with Owl City saw his debut single ‘Fireflies’ sell over 6 million copies globally and top the charts in 22 countries.

During the staggering rise of Owl City, Adam never forgot about Sky Sailing. First loves, after all, tend to linger and die hard. “I was so happy to be able to take time and go back and rediscover these songs,” he says. Despite their heavier subject matter and lack of effects, Adam thinks Sky Sailing will appeal to his existing fans. “I think it will catch their ears, but I also think it will be of interest to an older audience,” he says.

Having travelled the world and met thousands of people over the last 18 months, the upcoming release of Sky Sailing’s An Airplane Carried Me to Bed is a homecoming of sorts, a return to a time when things were pure and simple.

As much as Adam loves being out on the road, he is happy to have recently returned to the basement and is currently working on the second Owl City album – due for release in December. The basement is where he truly feels at home, a place where he can keep creating new alter egos – a singer-songwriter-superhero of sorts.

Sky Sailing’s An Airplane Carried Me to Bed is exclusively from MCA Music. (


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