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I'm sick


I’m having a hard time breathing. I have hard, dry cough. Everything is spinning.

It’s been almost a week I feel nauseous. I thought I was pregnant, so I checked this morning. However, it’s negative.

My friends keep telling me to schedule an appointment with my doctor. But I’m not sure what’s with me. I’m afraid of check ups. Whenever I see exam table, or any medical related gadget, I become nervous.

I remember when I had an assignment about exam tables, I was browsing the Claflin Equipment website, where you can found the leading medical equipment specialist company serving hospitals, clinics, surgical centers, my palms are sweating.

Anyway, I guess I’m just afraid because what if I’m sick, like deadly sick. But there’s nothing I can do, my husband already scheduled a check up. Wish me luck. Hopefully, I’m healthy.


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