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Fathers Day 2009: happy fathers day comments | Father's Day gift idea


Many were asking when is Father’s day 2009? Or when is Father’s Day celebrated in the Philippines? It was a bit disappointing because some tend to forget this special day.

To make this clear, I checked the Father’s day date on Wikipedia and it says:

Father’s Day is a day honoring fathers, celebrated on the third Sunday of June in 52 of the world’s countries and on other days elsewhere. Though Father’s Day is celebrated on many different dates in different countries. It is celebrated as early as January 6 (Serbia), and as late as December 26 (Bulgaria).

Looking for Father’s Day gift idea? Don’t settle for fathers day myspace comments or happy fathers day myspace comments. Try some printable fathers day cards there are free fathers day cards online. Put some fathers day poems and of course your personal note.

I’ll give you some Father’s Day gift idea:

Father’s Guide To Coaching Wrestling: If you’re dad is inyo wrestling, this would be a perfect gift.

Car Auction: This might be helpful too you if you’re dad is in to cars.

Watch TV on PC: If your dad is busy with his work. Why not give this to him. Get More Than 12,000 TV Channels for a One-Time Price. TV Channels from All Over the World, Direct to his PC or Laptop!

Golf Book: There are a lot of wanna-be golf books out there. Not this one! Written by a World Long Drive Champ, PGA Pro, this eBook delivers the goods big time with real information.

These are just some of the gift ideas for Father’s day. So what’s your gift for your dad?



  1. kelvin says:

    Wow u sure have many blogs. I am from Nuffang too:) Visited all ur blogs, keep it up:)

  2. richard says:

    my family is celebrating Father’s Day this coming Sunday. =)


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