The Naked Brothers Band's New Movie

Calling all the fans of Nat and Alex Wolff of the Naked Brothers Band!!! Better get ready because this might be the one you’re waiting for.

Operation Mojo is the title of The Naked Brothers Band’s new show. This Saturday, November 22, tune in to live chat with Nat and Alex Wolff, as part of their new premiere, “Operation Mojo”. You can share your thoughts, ask them question or anything you want to know about Nat and Alex and their music.

In Operation Mojo, Nat has lost his MoJo and need’s to get it back; Alex has planned to help him get it back. The only problem is Alex can’t do this alone he needs your help to get his mojo back.

Anyway, for those who doesn’t know Nat and Alex Wolff are. Obviously, they are brothers. They are sons of actress and screenwriter Polly Draper and jazz pianist and composer Michael Wolff. They are the stars in The Naked Brothers Band: The Movie and the TV series on Nickelodeon.

If you want to know more about them, check out Nat and Alex official website for more information. I have to go. Don’t forget to mark your calendar. Remember, Operation Mojo premieres on November 22.


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