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Are you looking for photos over the net but afraid of copyright infringement?
Free blog image |
Don’t worry I found a site that offers free images for bloggers. Acobox is a site that helps bloggers add nice images to their blogs. This site is unique for it not only provides free images but also hosts these images – bloggers can hotlink an image for including it with the blog post, with a click and Ctrl-v.

The good thing about this site is that their free images are already optimized for your blog. You don’t have to worry about copyright and license because images are properly licensed. Also, you don’t have to resize the image because you can choose a size that is best for your page from 5 sizes (100 px, 200 px, 300 px, 400 px and 500 px) for each image.

It is easy to use this Acobox:
1. Create a new account 2. Register your blogs or website
3. Search for images
4. choose the alignment and size
5. Hotlink it
6. Paste the code in your blog

And you are done! It is simple, easy, and quick.

So if you are looking for free blog images, head over to

Written By Aeirin


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