Educational Videos Can Also Be Entertaining


When I was I kid, my mom hired somebody to tutor me. During those days, when my private tutor arrived, I was pretending to be sleeping. My tutor was too old, and a slow speaker which made me fall asleep every time we had our home study. I can still remember how boring it was.

Children are so lucky nowadays because there are online learning networks available to them. Brightstorm is one of them. Brightstorm is a Web video site that brings bright, talented teachers together with students who need some extra help. It is designed to help high-school students deepen their understanding of important subjects and better prepare for college through video-based courses created and taught by expert teachers from across the country.

They offer various courses like Geometry, Algebra II, SAT Writing, SAT Math, AP U.S. History, AP U.S. Government, Writing and U.S. History. This is not a traditional classroom set up. The courses are presented in short entertaining ways. Each course also includes interactive quizzes, facts as well as materials like practice problems and study guides to use to gain a deeper understanding of the subject.

With so many advantages they offer, I signed up. And I was impress on the he professionalism of the content and how they present the course materials in a format that most teens will find pleasant and possibly enjoyable.

Brightstorm is successful in combining value and funness to educational effectiveness, and professionalism of content. Brightstorm clearly demonstrates that educational videos can also be entertaining.

Take note, Brightstorm is not just for teens. Brightstorm is an online learning network for teens, teachers and even parents. So why don’t you try it?


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