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Is it time to say goodbye?

Most of you do not know what I’m going through these past few days. I had so many sleepless nights trying to look for tasks and trying to think of a solution to our problems. Ever since, money has been a problem to us. But wanting to have a baby, I decided to quit my job and have some rest. However, we cannot survive using my husband’s salary alone, that was the start of my blogging life.

During the past three first months of blogging had been fruitful. I got almost $300 a month, but this month is different. I’m really worried about our bills for this month. Is it time to say goodbye to blogging and say hello to a new job?



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  1. Z'riz says:

    Hang in there sis and rest… the key is to REST para you’ll have a baby na… okay?


  2. Gabriel says:

    wag malungkot…


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