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Ely and Diane broke up

I knew this news before that Ely and Diane are not together anymore. I got it from a very very reliable source. They are not together even before the reunion concert. I heard Diane brought his present birthday boyfriend on the reunion concert and it might be one of the reasons why Ely had chest pain. But what ever their reasons for breaking up, let’s respect their decision. Good thing they are still friends. Let’s wish them the best in their separate lives. And I’m still Ely Buendia fan =).

Written By Aeirin


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  1. kumagcow says:

    T_T waaaa!

    ayus lang kahit wula na cla basta naalagaan si EON ^_^ and tama ka… we are still his numbah one fan!

  2. Pastilan says:

    I am a fan of Eraserheard, not just of Ely but of the whole band.

  3. Hailey's Beats and Bits says:

    that makes ely a free, single man! yahoooo!


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