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The Party is not yet over

The surprise party for my hubby was a success. Actually, it is a pre-celebration for my hubby’s birthday. We had carbonara (as planned), chicken, barbecue, cake, and ice cream. Our visitors are from my family’s side and most of them are kids, so it looked like we had children’s party.

Here are some of our pics:

The party started at 1PM and ended at 8PM. It was 7 hours of swimming, playing guitar hero, picture taking, eating, and more. We all had fun…

Of course, beers and guitar made the boys’ day… Watch my husband play the guitar..

I hope that song is for me. Anyway, the party is not over yet. This is just part 1 of the celebration. Tomorrow will be the part 2. My in-laws will be here tomorrow to celebrate my hubby’s birthday.



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  1. Z'riz says:

    bwahahaha that looks like fun sis! I’m happy your party went well as planned! 🙂

  2. ktrix says:

    nakaakyat ka n ba sa 5th floor?

  3. Kerslyn says:

    wow…Happy Birthday to ur hubby sis!


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