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Robber Shoots Lady For A Laptop


Early Wednesday morning, a lady was shot for refusing to give her laptop to the thief. It happened here in Cainta Rizal. Yes, I’m from Cainta Rizal. Anyway, Tara Santelices is in a critical condition.

According to the news, Tara tried to pull away her laptop from the robber, the robber took out his gun and shot her in the head and took her bags. Right now, Tara is in the ICU of Medical City. So let’s include Tara on our prayers. Let’s pray for her swift recovery.

I hope this will serve as a lesson to us. If someone tries to steal your things and threatening your life, give it to him because your life is more valuable than any object.


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  1. Z'riz says:

    yup….there are a lot of freaks out there…

  2. dhangski says:

    life has no value for bad people nowadays 🙁


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