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PhotoHunt: Wrinkled

This week’s theme is Wrinkled.

This photo was taken during our Luau. On the photos are (left to right) me, Shiela, and Toni. They were my office mates. By the way, if you noticed those two wrinkled polls on our sides, we made it using paper mache.



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  1. Midas says:

    Very creative!

  2. Midas says:

    Hi, me again…did you add notes above the comment line? I’ve love to do that but I don’t know how.

  3. Shoshana says:

    Nice picture!

    BTW, I love poles like that…it has character.

  4. philos says:

    Wow! I never did learn to do paper mache properly, it always ended with wrinkled papers, not art hehe… good job! 🙂

  5. Baker Watson says:

    Was that luau work related? Looks like you must work at a fun place, lol. That was a lot of paper mache.

    Baker Watson

    (thanks for the visit and kind comments)

  6. Leslie says:

    Hope you had fun at the luau – great photo for this week. 🙂

  7. napaboaniya says:

    Pretty cool to have made the paper mache into wrinkled effects 🙂

  8. aeirin says:

    Thanks for your visits…

    and yes, this is work related luau… @ baker watson

  9. sho says:

    those pillars must have taken some time to build using paper! happy wkend!

  10. aeirin says:

    yeah, it too us almost 1 week to built it… but we have a trick in doing those pillars, we used chicken wires..

  11. archiearchive says:

    Nice crew to work with – and very wrinkled poles 🙂

  12. julie says:

    Did it take you a long time to do the posts with papier mache?

  13. Laarni says:

    You need a lot of patience to make paper maché. Cool!

  14. jams o donnell says:

    Nice shot. Have a great weekend

  15. Randi says:

    Nice catch for the wrinkled theme.

  16. bintang4 says:

    nice decor..

  17. GMAC says:

    pardon me for the ignorance but where is luau? btw happy photo hunting!

  18. pat says:

    What a great fun photo!!

    Happy Weekend.

  19. prinsesamusang says:

    you made those? cool!

  20. Hootin' Anni says:

    paper maché? You made those? Well now….this spells talent.

    Great trio of beauties too by the way.

    Mine is posted: HERE

  21. Carver says:

    Great shot and the poles do look wrinkled.

  22. Sandy says:

    Looks like fun

  23. Bengbeng says:

    i thought it was real not paper mache 🙂

  24. gaj38 says:

    nice photo, good idea for the theme!
    View mine if you wish here Thanks..

  25. My Life's A-musings says:

    must have been a lot of paper! nice pick on this week’s theme though. Though i will just be seeing faces and dogs =)

  26. Mrs Mecomber says:

    Hey neat! I haven’t seen paper mache since… elementary school! :-O

    Mine’s up, too! Come see, if you can, and leave your link. 🙂

  27. Gretchen says:

    Very nice!

  28. Dragonstar says:


  29. kaycee says:

    very clever!never learned to do that (Never had the patience, nor creativity, hehe)
    enjoy your weekend =D


  30. Mar says:

    Pretty shot and clever take on the theme!!

  31. Shawie says:

    wow! that’s very creative of your guys, thanks for dropping by:) have a great Sunday!


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