Manila Ocean Park


Manila Ocean Park is the first Oceanarium in the Philippines. It is located in one complex at the back of the Quirino Grandstand.

The Oceanarium is composed of 7 parts:

1. Agos (Flow) – a rainforest motiff and an artificial waterfall that flows into 8 tanks of freshwater fishes.

2. Bahura (The Reef) – exhibition of artificial corals in 48 tanks that feature the very colorful Philippine underwater rainforest

3. Laot (Fishing Ground) – Four big distinct aquariums features big fish and Eagle-spotted rays in a long tank.

4. Kalaliman (The Deep) – showcase marine animals found in the deepest parts of Philippine waters. Ang Kalaliman’s deep sea resident is the barracuda.

5. Buhay na Karagatan (Living Ocean) – the breathtaking attraction of the oceanarium. It is a 25-meter long walkway tunnel similarly seen in Ocean Park Hong Kong, Singapore’s Underwater World in Sentosa, Siam’s Ocean World in Bangkok, Thailand and Kuala Lumpur’s Aquaria in Malaysia.However, Manila Ocean Park has a 220-degree curved tunnel as compared to the standard 180-degree curved tunnels seen in other Asian countries.

6. Overhang Tank – variety of rays fly over while you’re under this unique Overhang Tank.

7. Pating (Shark) – features several species of shark

The Oceanarium is open from 10am – 9pm, Mondays through Sundays. Special tours may be requested and booked earlier than tour schedules.


Adults : Php 400.00
Kids : Php 350.00

For more information click here

Credits: Ktrix for photos


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  1. Jen says:

    Oh my sis! We have long delayed going to to Manila OceanPark! We just don’t have the time! Ask ko narin sis, is the ventilation better now? Kasi from what I remember the first time it opened a lot are complaining that it’s so hot inside. Did you get to have one of those fish spa? I love to explore the place and I’m sure our little guy would enjoy every minute of it!

    God bless you sis and have a great weekend! 😉


  2. Z'riz says:

    Wow sis! hahahaha Nice talaga. Improve na ang attractions sa Pinas ah!

    The only time I’ve been in an one of those was when we went to Ocean Park in Hong Kong and in Sea World in San Diego! Siguro I’ll show some old pixies in the future!

    Tell your cuz na maganda talaga ang pix nya! As in!


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