Happy 4th Birthday!


This week’s PMC weekly fest is hosted by The Nambiars. It is about a 4th birthday party idea, and what a great timing because my niece is celebrating her 4th Birthday today (July 2). Happy Birthday Ceces!

Anyway, I don’t have children yet, but I LOVE parties, especially children’s party. Simply because I love kids.

Planning a birthday party is not as easy as we think, especially on a tight budget. There are so many to things to consider like:

1. Budget: Decide what you can afford to spend on the party. Stick to it.

2. Location: Pick a location that is not so expensive. Instead of going to the expense of renting a place for your birthday party, why not have it at your house or at the park. It’s free!

3. Guests list: Decide on how many guests you can accommodate as far as pieces of cake, dinnerware, grab bags, etc then write it down. Remember, your primary goal is to make the birthday child feel special. And nothing makes a birthday party more exciting to a child then to see her friends from nursery/school there.

4. Invitations: Instead of buying those expensive invitations, write and give out invitations. Handwritten or computer-generated invitations work well and add a personal touch to the party. Email your invitation or use a website such as www.evite.com to send your invitations.

5. Pick A Theme With your Child: Sit down and have a fun conversation with your child. Give them a piece of paper and have them tell you (and write down) what kind of party they’d really like to have.

Suggestions for themes:



Scooby Doo


Disney Princess
Power Puff

High School Musical
Care Bears
Alice In Wolderland

For more Party Themes, you may click here

6. Food: Keep the food simple. Most kids love hot dogs and chips. For the cake, if someone in your family can bake a cake, why not? Store bought cakes are expensive so prepare your own birthday cake or let grandma or another relative prepare it as part of their gift to the child.

7. Decorations: If you are having a themed birthday party, chances are there will be decorations to go along with the theme. Decorations are relatively easy to set up. A helium balloon tied to each chair that a party guest sits at around the table is a great way to stretch decorations. Try incorporating some items you already have on hand as part of the decorations. For example, if your child is a fan of trains, set up her toy train set around the perimeter of one of the tables.

8. Games: Bring out the old favorites, like pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, musical chairs or Simon says. Or get more ideas by talking to other parents, checking a party games book out of the library, or searching the Web.

9. Goodie Bags: As a fun activity, have the guests decorate them at the party. Activities like: making their own bracelets and necklace, or purchase some white paper lunch bags and let the kids decorate their own treat bags with stickers, crayons and glitter. Find inexpensive items and candy at discount stores to fill the bags.

Just some few rules:

1. The birthday party is for the benefit of the birthday child and his or her friends.
2. Don’t do it alone. Ask someone to help you.
3. Be sure there’s plenty to do.
4. Don’t forget the safety of the children.


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