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Experiences in Korea and much more: Everything Kimchi is a blog written by a Elliot, is a senior student at the University of the Philippines. His blog is about his 10-month stay in Korea. Elliot has been an exchange student for 1 year in Daejeon University, South Korea under the auspices of ASEAN University Network. But now, he’s currently working as a part-time English instructor.

I find his blog very interesting, since I have never been to Korea. Experiences in Korea and much more made me an idea what Korea looks like. (I only see Korea in Korean telenovelas). Anyway, Experiences in Korea and much more

When you read his posts and see his pictures, you will feel how remarkable his experiences in Korea was. You’ll find his blog very informative, from Korean food to Korean places, Korean fashion. But what I love most about his blog is… his post about Lament of a Call Center Agent. Since I’m working in a call center, I can relate to his post.

Want to know more about Elliot’s experiences in Korea, click here.


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