My First…..


When I started answering this conversation, it made me reminisce the past…It’s all coming back to me now… hahaha… There were happy moments but there were not-so-happy moment too. I was a naughty child. I had my first boyfriend when I was in the sixth grade. My mom said, “you are not allowed to have a relationship until you’re 18 yrs old.” But at 12, I already had one and she did not know it.. I started drinking (occasionally) when I was 13 years old. My first night out with my friends was 10 years ago (I was 16 only), of course my mom did not know it too… The list will go on and on…. I’m not saying I’m not a good daughter/child, I just learned to live my life to the fullest. That is my motto: Live your life to the fullest… and don’t regret about the past


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  1. Germz says:

    That’s a pretty cool questionaire I might add it to my site,


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