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Mother's Day gift idea


Mother’s Day is a day honoring mothers, celebrated on various days in many places around the world. It complements Father’s Day, the celebration honouring fathers.

Mothering Sunday, also called “Mothers’ Day” in the United Kingdom and Ireland falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent (exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday). Mothering Sunday can fall at earliest on March 1st (in years when Easter Day falls on March 22nd) and at latest on April 4th (when Easter Day falls on April 25th). But in the United States celebrates Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in May. Mother’s Day will be on May 11, 2008.

Mother’s Day is one of my most favorite holidays, but because I love my mom. And what better way could I say Happy Mother’s Day than to give our readers some great ideas to help celebrate this special day!


Family photos always make a great gift. So show your Mom how special she is by designing a one-of-a-kind custom Mother’s Day t-shirt with your family picture on it and add some personalized message like

Memory Album or Memory Box

If your mom saves everything, you’ll have quite a resource for this great gift idea! Give her a pretty memory album or keepsake box to put her photos and scrapbook type items from the year’s past events, and then spend a day or evening with her going through them and helping her get them organized. I guarantee you’ll get as much out of this Mother’s Day gift as she does, if not more!


Flowers are always a lovely gift, especially for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, but they don’t have to be expensive! Also, flowers say a lot and when you can’t be there to give her a hug, it has to be the next best thing.

Candy Roses

Is your mom a candy lover? Or does she have a favorite treat you could bake for her? Or is she hooked on Starbucks? You can get your mom something sweet or a gift card to her favorite place to get coffee or eat.

Give your Mom a rest

If you can afford to hire a week of maid service, just about any mom would appreciate that, but offering to do the housework yourself might be even better–and would certainly cost a lot less! Or you may help her with the laundry.

Massage or Spa

Give your mom a message. A relaxing massage is a great Mother’s Day gift for all moms. Treat her to a spa or have a make over.

Spend time with her

You could always take your mom out for a day of fun. Go to a museum together, go shopping or if you are far away, give her a phone call.

Create a Meal for your Mom

It is her special day. Don’t let her do the chores. Cook her favorite food.

Make a Phone Call

If mom lives out-of-state or even down the road, and you won’t be able to visit with them on Mother’s Day, pick up that phone and give them a call!

That’s what we mom’s really enjoy the most, time with you!!!

Happy Mother’s day to my mom and to all the moms in the world.


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