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  • A Perfect Review on the Hercules Trombone Stand

    I have always been fascinated with trombone stands. And if I were to buy, I’d surely choose Hercules. Here’s the perfect review on the Hercules Trombone Stand I found on an article by David Clancy: I have used a Hercules Trombone Stand for the past three years. This stand is great [...]

  • The Psychology Behind White Sheer Curtains

    Mar 2, 2014 4:06

    The Psychology Behind White Sheer Curtains

    White symbolizes purity and innocence. White is not really a color if you ask the experts. Like black, they are neutral. Window curtains in white look dainty and elegant. How much more if they are combined with sheer fabric? The result is really wonderful. White sheer curtain creates clean lines. [...]

  • Free Shipping on Artscow

    Artscow has been around for years and I can vouch for its reliability on shipping their products on time, for the most part. Their customized photo items are almost always of top quality. They are improving by the year. Although I will have to admit, the 360 rotating case that [...]

  • New Home

    After having transferred to a bigger abode, we have slowly made it homier despite the semi-stock place it has turned out to be by virtue of the nature of our business. My husband and I are loving that our music room is slowly developing and can actually be used as [...]

  • How About Taking on a Musical Instrument this 2014?

    As another new year came, instead of the usual new year’s resolution, I am contemplating on taking on a musical instrument to learn this 2014. Taking on a goal is always a good thing especially so that we are encouraged to learn something new every chance we get.

  • Internationally Yours

    I was blog hopping the other day when I discovered “Internationally Yours”, a blog that tackles anything about marriage. I love everything about it! Actually, it’s a hands on help for your marriage in any condition that it may be in. And the best part: its all based on Gods [...]


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