I’m a shopping pro – Target’s three basic wardrobe items starting at $2 to help you look expensive every single day

A SHOPPING spree isn’t necessarily in order when you’re trying to find ways to dress like a million bucks.

A TikTok influencer and shopping expert explained three basic wardrobe essentials to make you look expensive every day.

TikTok influencer theshoppingbestie said you don't have to spend a lot to look expensive


TikTok influencer theshoppingbestie said you don’t have to spend a lot to look expensiveCredit: TikTok: theshoppingbestie

Jacquelyn Fricke, who goes by theshoppingbestie on TikTok, modeled in her latest video how to look expensive.

She shared with her 109,000 followers her “fashion formula.”

She said investing in some basic pieces is the key to “look expensive.”

She found her basics at Target starting at $2.

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1. Tanks

Jacquelyn said the first item to buy is a very basic undershirt.

This can be a t-shirt, cami or tank.

It’s a great layering piece.

Target has several starting as low as $2.

2. Pants

The next item in order to look expensive is a pair of pants.

This can be in any style or color.

Target has a variety, from joggers to trousers, starting as low as $12.

3. Shirt or blouse

Lastly, Jacquelyn said a basic button-up textured shirt is perfect for layering.

Once again, you can pick any color which works for your taste and one that will match with the other pieces.

Theshoppingbestie said: “It works every single time.”

Target has a wide variety starting as low as $15.

Tips to save at Target

Looking for deals can also lead to spending more if you don’t approach shopping with a plan.

When you head over to Target or any store, it’s important to remember some tips to help you save.

  • Know your prices: Keep track of prices and compare items.
  • Sign up for the loyalty program: This is free at many retailers and you can earn points and/or receive coupons. Some stores notify rewards members ahead of any sales.
  • Avoid impulse shopping: It’s best to go in with a list, so that you don’t end up with items you don’t really need.
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