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The problem of addiction is a growing issue in our society. Right now there are communities all over the United States that are being seriously impacted by the terrible scourge of addiction to opiates, and those who are addicted are in urgent need of help and rehabilitation. Though the problem of opiate addiction is a severe one, the problem of alcohol addiction is serious as well.

People who have a dependence on intoxicants live their lives at a remove from their loved ones. As an addiction deepens, the drug takes the place of loving relationships and healthy activities, and as the problem worsens, the addicted person becomes caught in a web of isolation and lies. All of this is why an addicted person needs to get help as soon as possible, so they can start their life over as a sober person.

After Rehab

Today there are many reputable rehabilitation centers available for those in need of help and support to beat addiction. People who enter rehab receive support for the initial withdrawal process, and then enter into counseling to get at the root cause of the addiction. Once this process has ended, the client will leave the rehab center and begin life as a sober person.

Support Through Sober Living Housing

Re-entering the outside world as a sober person requires strength and a lot of support, as the odds of going through a relapse after rehab are high. Many newly sober people find it difficult to be around old friends after rehab, as many of these people use intoxicants and may not offer any support for the sober person. All of this is why some people choose to live in a sober house after rehab. These facilities help to gently ease the sober person back into the world, while offering ongoing support through community and AA counseling sessions.

For many people who are struggling to maintain sobriety, a sober living facility is a healthy and wise solution.


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