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Put the Sizzle back in your Home Without Breaking the Bank


Most of us don’t have the money to outfit our homes with new furniture and accessories. However, there are still a few things that you can do to put the sizzle back in your home without breaking the bank. All it takes is a little imagination and the desire to resourcefully use or rehabilitate what you already have.

Jazz Up that Old Sofa
Do you have an old sofa that is still structurally sound but has seen better days and decades? Don’t throw it out, invest in modern looking slip covers to give your sofa a quick rehab. It will look like you got brand new furniture. Your old sofa will get a facelift and a chance at a second life in the same home. Slip covers are very inexpensive compared to replacing furniture. Plus, if you have furniture that is still in good condition and structurally sound, there is no need to replace it. It’s far easier to upgrade it with slip covers. This is one of the simplest things that you can do, unlike using vacuum metalizing equipment.

Accent that Room
We all know how costly painting an entire house can be. However, you can paint a wall or two to create focus and accentuate a room. It’s not necessary to paint an entire room to create head turning effects. Painting a wall in a room can transform it. You can make a room look larger depending on the color you choose. Color has a powerful effect on how a room looks.

There is power in those throw pillows! Use accessories to put the finishing touches on your updated home. Instead of buying a new lamp, replace the lampshade. Add throw pillows to make a couch more attractive and comfortable. The sky is the limit in terms of what you can do. It’s your art work. Make it signature and unique.

Decorating on a budget brings out your creative juices. Instead of expending tons of money, you exert tons of creativity. You have the unique opportunity to recycle items you already have by making simple inexpensive updates. Reuse that old-fashioned yet structurally sound couch. Dress it up with modern slip covers and add some throw pillows. Keep those old lamps but change out the lamp shades. Save your back and simply paint an accent wall or two. There is no need to paint an entire room. It doesn’t take much to turn that bland outdated home into a true showstopper. Break a leg!


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