The Psychology Behind White Sheer Curtains


White symbolizes purity and innocence. White is not really a color if you ask the experts. Like black, they are neutral. Window curtains in white look dainty and elegant. How much more if they are combined with sheer fabric? The result is really wonderful. White sheer curtain creates clean lines. Hospitals, homes, offices and resorts are mostly adorned with curtains in white soft fabric to keep the nerves relaxed while the mind is free from worries.

White is also associated with heavenly beings, they can stimulate the senses and gives you ethereal peace. It is no wonder why hospital rooms are adorned with pure white bedding and curtains to keep the patient from wandering their minds while undergoing treatment. White sheer curtains are mostly translucent which allows the light to gain entry to the room without harming the interior wall paints.

If you wish to achieve meditative stage during a yogic exercise, adorn the room with white sheer curtain panels. Students who are easily distracted with slight commotions and noise can study diligently in a room filled with white wall paint and window coverings.

Peace and harmony are also attached to white color. Places of worship are embellished with white sheer curtain panels and valances. If you want your home to be an ideal place to live in, try to hang curtains in white sheer and observe some changes after installing them.

White sheer curtains have neutralizing effect on the house dwellers. They have a calming effect that keeps you from saying negative things when you are at the height of your anger. Looking at your window filled with white curtains will calm your nerves instead of flaring up.

For harmonious relationship, a white sheer curtain is advisable in a couple’s bedroom. The sheer fabric provides a romantic feel to the room while white encourages love and respect for each other. White curtains in sheer cloth are made of voile, polyester and cotton which make them light and soft tactile effect.


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