Need for Physical Therapy


There are certain physical ailments that can be treated with physical therapy. From arthritis pain to a wide range of sports injuries, physical therapy uses stretching and certain types of exercising to help a person heal from an ailment to the fullest extent possible. This form of therapy is also advantageous because it helps prevent further injuries from occurring. In some instances, physical therapy is used to treat cardiopulmonary and neurological-related conditions.

The main goal of physical therapy is to help a person fully recover from an ailment. When this is not possible, the goal then changes to helping the person function to the furthest degree possible within the limits of the ailment he or she is suffering from. Some people who suffer from no major ailment take part in physical therapy because it helps improve their overall fitness.

Children who suffer from developmental delays can also benefit from NYC physical therapy. The methods carried out when treating children is somewhat different than those carried out when treating adults. For the most part, treating children includes the following techniques: – Stetching exercises – Electrical stimulation – Strength training – Ultrasound therapy – Balance and coordination exercises *It is important to note that the exact methods carried out will be determined by a physiatrist.


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