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Happy As a Freelancer


I’ve been a full time blogger/stay at home wife for almost 7 years already. Happy? Yes! But sometimes, I miss going to work, wearing corporate attires, attending meetings and more.

“If you didn’t quit your job, you have a higher position already. Maybe a manager or a supervisor,” my husband said to me the other night.

Well, it’s not the first time I heard that. Even my previous co-workers have been telling me that for years. But still, I don’t regret leaving my job. I’m happy with what I’m doing right now. I get paid, but not as high when I was still working.

Planning to back to corporate world? Not yet! It is quite more difficult to obtain a profession nowadays – there’s the trade and industry downfall and different industries have to do cost cutting on their finances and execute lay-offs, decreasing the number of their workers.

Plus, I love the perks of being a freelance/home-based writer. I will not have to worry about driving to work anymore. I can save money on gas and stay in our house.

Being a freelance writer and entrepreneur means that I am my own boss. I make my own schedule, and I decide the tasks I will accomplish each day or week. I was actually thinking of having a workstation with my own nameplate. I saw some cool new nameplates from seton.com. What do you think? Having my own office at home! =D

Though being a freelance writer has many advantages, it also has disadvantages like no steady paycheck, no vacation or sick leaves. I also have to buy my own medical insurance which is very expensice.

You need to decide the advantages that are most important to you and the disadvantages you can put up with, whether on the job or as a freelancer, and pick the one that suits your needs and situation the best.

If lifelong learning, freedom, and other practical advantages connected to freelance work are valuable to you, you will find yourself happier as your consider becoming a freelancer. As for me, I’m happy as a freelancer.


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