30 Seconds To Mars Launches New Single Through Rocket In Space Via Nasa 2013


The Los Angeles based American Rock band ‘30 Seconds to Mars’ launched their new song to space, yes space not earth on 1st March. The CD containing the single and playback instruments were on board the Falcon 9 rocket which took off from Cape Canaveral in Florida.

The new single ‘Up In The Air’ will be available for the astronauts on board on International Space Station once the Falcon 9 rocket berths at the space station. Astronaut on board ISS (International Space Station) will hold a live chat session with the 30 Seconds to Mars band mates on March 18th, which will also be the launch day for new single on Earth. In other words the song will debut on Earth from the space station itself.

And an hour after liftoff, MTV News spoke to frontman Jared Leto from Cape Canaveral, Florida, where he was still trying to wrap his head around everything that had happened. And, for a guy who’s witnessed no shortage of amazing things with his Mars mates, well, that’s saying something indeed.

“It was a phenomenal morning; it’s been a mind-blowing experience, sending our music up into space, where it’s pushing into orbit and going around the earth, that’s a pretty amazing thing to think about,” Leto said. “It seemed impossible; for a moment I played with the idea of a weather balloon, but I had been speaking with NASA for quite some time about ways to find something creative to do together. And I presented them with this idea and here we are.”

“A core part of what Thirty Seconds To Mars is about is dreams … creativity and dreams are one in the same,” he continued. “And so it’s inspiring and challenging to try to make the impossible into reality. And this has certainly been an example of that; putting your music into space is no easy feat.”

Maybe in the future they can go to the space with their shop micro korg and perform a live concert outside our planet Earth? Hmmm nothing is impossible, right. Are you excited for the return of Thirty Seconds To Mars? Let us know in the comments below!


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