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W1N International offers Great Business Opportunity



What we have here is something amazing!

The strength of Millionaires in Multi Level Networking, the capability of a Successful Health and Beauty Products Manufacturer, and the competence of Top Professional Experts in the field of Marketing, Law, and Medicine…

Formed the Most Potent and Powerful group in Network Marketing!


This is W1N International.

W1N International takes pride in also being a manufacturer of its own products, something that is rare in the network marketing companies that already exist in the country today. Led by its President and CEO,Edwin P. Humilde, and Vice President and COO, Jerico P. Tan, W1N International envisions itself to become a household name when it comes to beauty and health & wellness products.

For beauty and skin care, W1N International offers the LeVon line which is comprised of the following :

  • LeVon Magic Scrub
  • LeVon 2-in-1 Soap (Kojic + Glutathione)
  • Levon 3-in-1 Soap (Kojic + Glutathione + Calamansi)
  • LeVon Feminine Bar
  • LeVon 8-in-1 Hair Essentials
  • LeVon Magic Facial Cleanser
  • LeVon Magic Lightening Cream
  • LeVon Glutathione Lotion with Moringa (SPF 20)
  • LeVon Perfumed Stress Reliever

Meanwhile, W1N International has health and wellness products carrying the Winners’ brand:

  • Winners’ Barley with Guyabano
  • Winners’ Glutathione
  • Winners’ Cee (Calcium Ascorbate)

Lastly, W1N International’s Winners’ Choice brand is made up of the healthy beverages that adults and children will surely love:

  • Winners’ Choice 10-in-1 Coffee
  • Winners’ Choice 10-in-1 Choco Drink
  • Winners’ Choice 4-in-1 Juice Drink

Don’t miss this rare and great chance to be part of The Better Business. The Best Opportunities Are Ahead!

The Amazing Business

Income potential of P15,000 per day or P450,000 a months or MORE!

Wonderful Health and Beauty Products to market! Small investment, great products, exciting marketing plan… sure W1N!!!

Contact us now.. we are set to have our GRAND Launch this January 2013


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