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My Favorite Relaxing Scent


Modern life takes its toll. The rush of work, family and even our social life generates strains and time pressures. These can leave even the most well balanced of us stressed out at times. But there are tools to help us cope. One of the most ancient of these tools, and making a strong comeback is aromatherapy.

Studies have shown that certain scents can cause physiological and emotional reactions instantaneously. One of the most common claims is that aromatherapy can enhance your mood and give you relief from anxiety or depression. Many people who are feeling anxious and depressed turn to massage combined with aromatherapy to treat their condition.

There are a number of different scents that may be used in aromatherapy and each has its own purpose. But my favorite is lavender. I used to buy lavender bunches before because lavender is a great stress reliever and promotes peace and well being throughout the entire body.

How about you? What’s your favorite scent?


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