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Tips for Healthy Hair


On our way home, my mom noticed how healthy my hair is. My mom’s hair is dry and always tangled. While I have a shiny, straight hair. She asked me what’s my secret.

And I answered: choose a proper comb and brush.

Firstly, you should choose the combs with big gap of ribs, inversely too small rip may damage your hair and head skin. Furthermore, the combs with Teflon coating at comb teeth are better, because it can reduce any resistance while using.

The type of good brushes like mason pearson is having a space between the teeth enough and having small plastic ball on the tip of teeth, which lower the scratching and harming your head skin. Now the brushes with small wooden teeth and quite sharp tipped are very famous, because people understand as naturally product. That is the wrong myth. Easy method in buying brushes is try brushing your hair, which if you feel hurt or ache means that brush doesn’t suitable for you.

Also, I told my mom not comb while her hair is wet. Why? Because after hair washing, your hair is wetted and disordered. Most people comb and brush for expected good hair. But the wet hair is very feeble, and should not do much in this time. Only use your fingers comb your hair from root to tail is enough, after that when your hair nearly dry then comb or brush is the greatest.

Too bad, our conversation was interrupted by a phone call. I still have a lot of shiny and healthy hair  tips to share.


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