Practical Tips on Leather Repair


Leather surfaces, are just like beautiful delicate skin. Leather care is basically a four-step process of cleaning, conditioning, polishing and finally adding a moisture barrier to your fine leather products. Any leather care enthusiast will tell you that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Leather care is easy if you get the basics right. However, negligent cleaning of leather leads to dried and cracked leather. Leather is known for its durability and can definitely handle an intense cleaning.

One of the most common leather repaid dilemmas is the cracked surfaces and discoloration of the material brought about by the usual wear and tear. Cracked surfaces for one present a major concern, as it cannot be undone. If you want to avoid the expense of having to replace it, a practical leather repair approach is to re-color it, making the cracks less apparent. Some leather repair shops take out the cracked portions, replace it with a new one and re-color with leather dyes for everything to blend in.

If you have dogs and cats around the house, then you should know, they can wreck havoc on the surface of the leather. For cats, you may want to consider purchasing a scratching post to avoid damaging your leather surface and train your dogs not you jump on your leather couch. For some slight abrasions on the surface, here is a quick leather repair tip: spray some water on the affected surface then gently sand the surface with a grit wet sand paper which you can easily purchase in local hardware shops. If the damaged surface is quite extensive, you may need to recolor the whole leather to acquire a uniform hue.

These are just a few tips and tricks of the trade when it comes to leather repair. While there may be a number of leather shops that offer professional repair services, it is best to make necessary precaution so as to preserve your leather furniture in its original state.


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