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Duplicate Keys


Earlier today, my husband and I left in a rush. We should be in Makati by 3pm but we overslept and woke up around 2 in the afternoon.

Luckily, there was no traffic and we were able to arrive in Makati by 3:15. However, when we reached the venue, we thought that we got the wrong location. There were tarpaulins and ads about free dating online. So we asked the lady at the reception and confirmed that we were in the right place. The tarpaulin that we saw was part of their sponsors.

Anyway, to make the story short. We had a great time at the event. So by 8pm, we were already home or should I say outside our home. It turned out that we both left our keys “inside” our house. What a big failure! My husband thought I brought my duplicate key. I don’t usually bring my keys since my husband holds the main key. So I though what’s the use.

In the end, we broke the doorknob off of the door. Lesson learned for us, always bring our duplicate keys.


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