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I have an irritating but funny conversation with one of the sales lady of SM Pampanga. Last week, we were in SM City Pampanga for Gladys Reyes’ meet and greet with KSA Magic customers.

After the event, my husband and I went to the department store to look for a perfect gift for my niece. I asked one of the sales lady if they have Taylor Swift shirt. She just smiled and told me to wait. I saw her walking towards the dental supplies, then she went to kids section and asked her co-sales lady, then went back to us. She said, “Ma’am you should check the “Glee” section”. I told her Taylor Swift is not part of Glee. She smiled again and asked me to wait. She approached another sales lady, and then went back to me again. She said, “Ma’am, you should check the boys section.” Obviously this girl ( in her mid-20’s) doesn’t know who Taylor Swift is. So I just said never mind and I still thanked her for her effort.

I just find it weird that she doesn’t know who Taylor Swift is. My 6 yr old niece knows her. I guess this sales lady is too busy with her work and had no time to check what’s in or not.


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