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PisoBid The Philippine’s premier piso auction site


PisoBid is quickly becoming one of the most popular website in the Philippines since its launching due to their high visibility in the local social community. It is continuously creating buzz in facebook, twitter, local forums and blog communities. People are sharing it to their friends, people are joining in to bid on gifts for their love ones, people are loving the way PisoBid delivers entertainment to online shopping.

The other day, they were auctioning my “dream phone” Blackberry Bold 9780 (BLACK). But unfortunately, I didn’t win. Next week, they’ll be auctioning P2000 SM Gift Card and P1000 Coffee Bean GC. I think those will be pecfect graduation gifts for friends who loves to shop and drink coffee. I’ll bookmark the page and I’ll be back next week!


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  1. Geoffrey Azura says:

    Nice! I heard about it and my first impression was —Really? =) For me it was another scam site, but then I visited their website and noticed that it is true. There are now many winners of various items ranging from 2000Php to 27000Php and were bought by the bid winners for 200Php below! That was the time that my “Really?” impression changed to “O MY GAD”. =) I really love to join but I have work, maybe sometime soon I will try this one. I will keep everyone posted for this!


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