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My husband and I had a serious talk about our life. Some of my readers know that we are trying to conceive a child for almost 4 years now.

However, I remember a friend of mine came up to me and asked if my husband is using some testosterone boosting supplements. She mentioned her husband is drinking some and after 2 months she got pregnant.

So we made some research. Based on www.testosteronesupplements.org, testosterone supplements can improve a man’s mood levels and sleep quality. They can also boost his libido and ensure powerful and longer lasting erections that he might have been missing for quite some time. Another advantage of such pills is that they can help him gain lean muscle and reduce body fat as well.

Also one of the most important and effective ways to boost testosterone in your body is with the help of regular exercise. Exercise helps stimulate the production of both testosterone and HGH in your body so that you have greater stamina, energy and a faster working metabolism.

It is also important to limit your consumption of alcohol. This is because alcohol is not just a suppressant but also leads to an increase in estrogen production in your body that can affect testosterone levels adversely.

We might consider these supplements but I think if we need to see a fertility specialist first.


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