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Singkamas and bagoong for sale in the mall


Last week, my husband and my cousin was talking about singkamas, also known as jícama or Mexican turnip, amd bagoong. Singkamas and bagoong is one of the Filipino street foods that are peddled along with Mangga at Bagoong, Fish Balls, Squid Balls, and Chicken Balls. It has unique taste (a cross between an apple, potato, and water chestnut) and texture (crisp and smooth) making it one versatile veggie.

Anyway, my husband and I went to the mall and I was surprised that there’s a store selling singkamas and mango (which I thought was a african mango but turns out it’s a carabao mango).  I forgot the name of the store (sorry), but they are selling singkamas with bagoong for only P10. And you can choose your own flavor of bagoong (sweet, sweet and spicy, salty, spicy etc).

So I ordered one singkamas with sweet and spicy bagoong, and it was heaven! LOL. I like the mixture of the sweet and spicy bagoong, it is perfect for my taste. And the singkamas was so sweet and juicy. I love its crunchy texture which makes eating it more enjoyable. I wish I could just remember the name of the store. I guess I need to go back to get the name and to order another singkamas and bagoong =)



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  1. Mommy Maica says:

    Hi Ate Iris! In what mall where you able to buy turnips with bagoong? =)

  2. admin says:

    Hi Maica,

    actually sa SM Hypermarket ko sya nakita. Ung malapit sa Tiendesitas… nakalimutan ko ung name. hahahaha


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