Dianna Agron, Alex Pettyfer are engaged?


Alex Pettyfer and Dianna Agron, who star in ‘I Am Number Four,’ are rumored to be engaged.

A source confirms the happy news that Agron, 24, and Pettyfer, 20, are set to wed and the source tells PEOPLE “they are very happy.”

According to multiple reports.Agron, 24, wore a “thin diamond band on her left ring finger” while recently promoting the upcoming film. Hmm I wonder if she’s wearing one of scott kay engagement rings.

However, there were also reports that the couple broke up. Us Magazine reports that the young pair and stars of “I Am Number Four” have called it quits on their relationship. A source close to the now former couple told the magazine that Agron has packed up her bags and left the home they shared together.

Neither of their reps are commenting on the news.


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