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Losing Weight Even During Christmas


Christmas is just around the corner. And I need the best weight loss affiliate program.

Researches have shown that happy people tend to gain weight easier than unhappy people. This is especially true if the happy people constantly have parties and celebrations like Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year Celebration, etc.

And Christmas is synonymous to parties, banquets, dinners, festivity. These gatherings translate to fats and calories which end up either as excess weight baggage, higher sugar level, among many other health discomforts brought about by taking so much of everything.

Aside from weight loss affiliate program, I found a way to help you burn off fat using Christmas decorations.

=> Reindeer: Place it on your bedside table to remind you to do some exercise by jogging, doing jumping jacks and stretching.

=> Snowman decoration: Place it beside your door where the weighing scale is kept. Weigh yourself every morning and record it.

=> Small hanging Christmas balls: These should be placed inside a basket near your pen and paper for recording. Take one ball to be hanged on your Christmas tree if your weight decreased compared to your previous records.

=> Santa Claus photo: place it on your refrigerator door so that every time you open your ref to get food, you are reminded that you do not want to be fat like Santa and that you only need to eat foods that are low in fat and low in carbohydrates.

=> Hanging grapes: this will remind you include fruits in your diet as a fiber-rich snack instead of buying into junk foods.

=> Santa Sleigh with the reindeer: place it in front of your computer desk or office table to remind you that reindeer are thin because they keep moving while Santa is fat because he is just sitting on the sleigh.


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