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Why do I always feel tired and sleepy?


I sleep at least 4 to 6 hours a day (literally). I stay awake at night and I sleep in the morning. I thought it is because of the fat burners I’m taking. So I decided to stop drinking it, but still I always feel tired.

I searched online of some tips on how to stop feeling sleepy and here’s what I found out:

#1 – Stop Eating Late: Why does this matter? Well when you eat your body has to divide up its energy towards digestion. This doesn’t change when you sleep, and sleep time is the time when your body needs all of its resources to rejuvenate and heal for the next coming day. If you eat late at night you’re literally depriving yourself of 2-4 hours of quality sleep depending on how much you’re eating before bed. The best advice? Don’t eat anything 3 hours before bed.

#2 – In Bed by 10pm: Why? Because it’s been shown that the human body has a key resting time between 10pm-2am if you constantly skip over sleeping during these hours then you’re missing out on some very high quality sleeping time!

Hmmm! With my kind of work, sleeping before 10pm is impossible. But I will still try.


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