Reduce insomnia & sleepless night


I hate sleepless nights! Most of us will experienced insomnia or sleepless night once in our life time. If you are an insomniac, chances are you have experienced a full sleepless night before. Sleepless night will lead to fatigue, tiredness and mood swing on the next working day. Prolong episode of sleepless nights will eventually enhance the risk of deteriorating your life balance, or more seriously might causes mental illness in the later. Plus sleepless nights will make you like a monster with those dark eyes and wrinkled skin. So you need to have the best anti wrinkle cream and wrinkle eye cream to look normal again. LOL

Anyway, here are the tips to reduce insomnia & sleepless night

  1. You must follow a regular sleep pattern, go to bed and wake up at about the same time daily.
  2. Make your bedroom a comfortable place to sleep by avoiding extreme temperature, reduce the noise disturbance and try to dim the light.
  3. Make sure the bed is comfortable, neither too hard nor too soft.
  4. Engaging in a more relaxing activities prior to bedtime, such as reading books or listening to music.
  5. Exercise regularly but avoid exercise 3 hours prior to bedtime.
  6. Use your bedroom only for sleep or sexual activity, try not use it as an office or game room.
  7. If you feel tense or worried, try some relaxation exercises like meditation.
  8. If you feel hungry, you can eat a light snack, but avoid heavy meals as it might lead to indigestion.
  9. Do not take daytime naps as too much sleep at day time will affect your sleep pattern.
  10. Avoid caffeine after noon time as caffeine will stimulate your brain.
  11. Try not to take too much alcohol or cigarette ( which contain nicotine) later in the evening.
  12. If you cannot fall asleep, do not worry, just leave your bedroom and try to engage in some relaxing activities until you feel tired.

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