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Facts About Being Overweight


For years, I really want to lose weight and to remove belly fat. However, facts about being overweight are uncomfortable for people like me who know that they have a weight problem but just don’t know what to do about it.

Being overweight might not be from overeating, however it can be caused from some diseases and health conditions. Overweight persons have significant risk of heart disease, Stroke, diabetes, Gallbladder disease, Sleep apnea and respiratory problems and hypertension in comparison to a normal person.

A person could be depressed, stressed, or not sleeping properly. Improper sleeping can affect weight gain. Without the proper sleep, the body cannot adjust, making the person’s health system unstable, which can cause hunger.

Hereditary conditions is also a claim for being overweight. If a person’s family and past relatives were overweight, then a person could be hereditary overweight. This is due to the metabolic rate could being slower.

Reducing weight is not as difficult as some people say. You can reduce your weight without going for any expensive weight reduction quick solution programs. Change your eating habits, eat less fatty foods, drink lots of water, do regular exercise, and you will soon feel that you are more healthy, attractive and happy but not overweight.

Knowing the facts about being overweight is a powerful motivator to make a positive change and do something about improving quality of life.


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