Pepper Mouth that Keeps you from Cursing Online


Have you ever think of a device which can deter you from cursing online? That whenever you type in that four-letter word, something should keep you from pushing that enter button while looking at your lcd monitor grinning.

Well here comes the “Pepper Mouth” that can be connected to your computer via USB. A device that warns you that you are about to post an unacceptable word on your computer. All you need to do is program it to respond to a certain word whenever you type it in your document. Whether if it’s on e-mail, word documents, and even facebook, a hand lights up and it will give you a few seconds to hit that backspace key. If you don’t push it in time, it will release a probably foul odor but as what its name suggest, probably a pepper spray!

Whether there is such gadget or not, I suggest you always think twice when posting online. After all, life is short. Why not just practice saying “Hello!” to everyone.


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