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My Bag Got Stolen at Dolce Superclub Tomas Morato


Friday night, I was in Dolce Superclub to cover a fashion show. I brought my camera bag and my Ralph Lauren bag for personal stuffs. Since the fashion show would start in a few minutes, I asked my brother to keep my RL bag.

Around 2am, I asked my cousin if my bag is still under the table. Then she texted me that my bag was gone, and our cousin and my brother is already looking for it. All of my IDs, atm, credit cards are in my bag. I was really frustrated. The bouncer/security and even the vendors outside the club saw the culprit going out the venue with my bag in her/his shoulder. But they didn’t know the bag was stolen. Tsk

When I got home, I can’t sleep. All I can think of is those “what ifs” “sayang”. So, I drank sleep pills for me to calm down and sleep.

Here’s the photo of my stolen bag:


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