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Transform Your Condo Into Home Sweet Home


Every people want to have their own home. There are lots of people making their decision in purchasing their dream home. They either prepare to start a family or they are fed up from renting. They choose to purchase as their investment rather than renting from someone else and they can call it as their own.

When you purchase a house there are lots of things you should take into consideration. You could either buy a traditional house or a condominium. Other people still prefer traditional house; because most condo have limited space.

Anyway, whether you settled on a luxury condo or a more affordable condo, it is now time to transform the bare rooms into a place you can call home.

Condos are often smaller than houses and have less storage space, but a few quick decorating tricks and you will not notice the difference.

1. Fool the Eye. Your goal in this case is to make the space you have look larger. Check your condo floor plan and measure carefully before starting this project.

2. Think Light. Keep your window treatments light in color.

3. Bring in Color. After you painted your walls, it is time to bring color into your condo. Light and neutral colors on the walls make it easier to sell a condo in the future, but they are not fun to look at every day.

4. Manage Your Furniture. Small, functional pieces are the best choices for condos. Have some outdoor furniture. Tables with clear glass tops and double duty furniture will make your space look larger while using every square foot you have smartly.

Decorating a condo is not much different than decorating a house, but it does offer a few unique challenges.


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